Selling Agile

Agile Prague 2014 conference

September 16 2014

Ambitious salesman Tom from software company Rapid Response, Ltd. answers RfP by financial corporation Harpagon, Inc. for building a new accounting system. Will he convince this financial giant of their way of getting software done? One-act play on building trust and reducing risk.

Length: 10min

Presented in English

I eat muesli with yoghurt project managers for breakfast

Devel 20132 conference

November 9 2013

Developers are not resources to be allocated but human beings who commit themselves. Project managers were probably never told. Talk on where did responsibility go.

Length: 20min talk + 10min Q&A

Presented in Czech

Agile and Lean Startup

DevFest 2014 conference

November 22 2014

Joint talk with my friend and colleague Jan Veselý on the importance of feedback on your projects. What is the relationship between agile software development and Lean Startup methodology and where they come in. A half-fictitious project is presented during the talk and discussed with the audience to demonstrate the key takeaways.

Length: 50min

Presented in Czech

Agile Contracts

Google Business Group meetup

March 26 2014

The orders were clear: fixed scope, fixed price, fixed date. Luckily the requirements are, with the best effort of all participants, unclear. If the project goes wrong, it is the requirements to blame. A who pays for it? It depends who has, figuratively speaking, better lawyers. Either the customer pays for extra change-requests or the vendor on overtimes (or penalties). Nothing pleasant. Is there a better way?

Length: 25min talk + 15min Q&A (prematurely cut as camera battery depleted)

Presented in Czech

I declare war on technical debt

WebExpo 2014 conference

September 14 2014

It lives unnoticed in many software systems larger than 1000 lines of code all over the world. It's doing well wherever there is inattention, carelessness and improperly setup KPIs. As a malignant tumor it grows under the surface, infects an corrupts architectures, destroys whole businesses and devastates developers' dignity forever. Are you brave enough to battle this dreadful enemy?

Length: 20min

Presented in Czech

Scala Essentials: Pattern Matching and Case Classes

Czech Scala Enthusiasts meetup

April 23, 2013

An in-depth talk on two essentials parts of Scala programming language, pattern matching and case classes.

Length: 120min

Presented in English